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Treat the underlying cause of your symptoms

Functional Medicine Doctor in Flowood, MS

Conventional Western medicine relies on prescription medication for chronic symptoms, which may not always address the root cause. Functional medicine, on the other hand, takes a different approach to medical care. With a focus on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of your health concerns, functional medicine aims for long-term solutions and improved overall well-being, giving you lasting relief.

Sculpt Aesthetics & Wellness’ functional medicine doctors in Flowood, MS, take a personalized approach, considering your unique lifestyle, genetics, and environment to create a treatment plan that works for you. Schedule a consultation with our functional medicine practice today to learn how our team can help you achieve health and vitality.

Functional Medicine Services for Holistic Healing

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Nutritional Counseling

Struggling to lose weight? Your body may be putting up barriers to achieving your weight goals and desired fitness level. With nutritional counseling, we’ll identify these barriers and create a personalized plan that empowers you to take control of your health and ensure you reach your desired results.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause, childbirth, and simple aging can cause dramatic changes in your hormones. Let us help you find a healthy balance. Hormone replacement therapy can relieve you from symptoms and potentially reduce long-term health risks.

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Acne Treatment

From an overproduction of sebum to unhealed acne scars, we offer solutions for clearer skin and stronger confidence. Let us help you find the underlying causes of your acne and develop a treatment plan to achieve a glowing complexion that lasts.

We Treat the Source

Contact Sculpt Aesthetics & Wellness Today

At Sculpt Wellness & Aesthetics, we know how frustrating it is to find real answers to your health issues at a typical doctor’s office. Whether you’re facing hormonal changes, weight gain, or persistent acne, our functional medicine services are here for you. We go beyond surface level symptoms, digging deep to uncover the root cause and develop a treatment plan to help you feel your absolute best. Contact us at (601) 843-2745 or book an appointment below to get started.

Functional Medicine FAQs

What Is a Functional Medicine Doctor?

A functional medicine doctor at Sculpt Aesthetics & Wellness is a licensed healthcare professional who digs deep into the root cause of your health concerns, rather than just addressing symptoms. They consider the entire picture of your health, taking a holistic approach that ensures lasting results.

Can Functional Medicine Help with Weight Loss?

Yes! While functional medicine is not a quick fix, it can be used to tackle weight loss. The Sculpt team takes a holistic approach to weight loss. We’ll work to uncover the underlying factors causing your weight gain, like hormone imbalances, and develop a plan of action that addresses these factors. We’ll also promote weight management through lifestyle changes, diet, and natural therapies if appropriate.

Are Functional Medicine Doctors Covered by Insurance?

While functional medicine services typically aren’t covered by insurance, some aspects, like lab tests or consultations, might be depending on your plan. We recommend checking directly with your primary care doctor and insurance company for specific coverage details and potential out-of-pocket costs.

Where Can I Find the Best Functional Medicine Doctor in Flowood, MS?

At Sculpt Aesthetics & Wellness, of course! Our compassionate team’s functional medicine approach goes beyond conventional medicine, examining your environmental health, lifestyle factors, hormone levels, immune response, and more to address the root cause of your health concerns, whether it be weight gain, fatigue, chronic pain, or skin conditions. Contact us today to get started.