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A Nutrient rich diet to complement functional wellness

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition plays an essential role in maintaining optimal health. Nutritional guidance can help you to understand the connection between food, health, and weight. At Sculpt Aesthetics & Wellness, our team will use nutritional analysis and counseling together with hormone balancing therapies to help meet your individual needs and goals.

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Identifying The Cause of Your Wellness Struggles

As a fundamental branch of functional medicine, our nutritional guidance utilizes lab work and a nutritional analysis to identify the underlying causes to your fitness barriers. Once we understand the physiological reasons, we can then address lifestyle changes to support your goals. By balancing hormones, guiding nutrition, and recommending a fitness plan, Sculpt can customize a wellness routine designed for you to gain a happier, healthier lifestyle.

To learn more about our nutritional counseling, call Sculpt Aesthetics & Wellness today at (601) 208-0150 or contact us online!

Nutritional Counseling FAQs

In both men and women, hormone imbalances affect how we metabolize food and how much energy we have to spare. Additionally, poor sleep, irritability, and a lack of focus can seriously affect our fitness efforts. By balancing your hormones, metabolism is increased making it easier for your body to gain muscle mass, compounding the results of your routine.

Diabetic and pre-diabetic patients often struggle with their fitness goals. Blood sugar is more likely to convert to fat, reversing your diet and exercise efforts and decreasing your energy levels.

Nutritional counseling uses lab work to identify nutritional deficiencies, and analyzes diet to optimize healthy eating habits. Once we understand your specific needs, we can suggest supplements, advise your dietary choices, and strategize a plan for achieving your fitness goals. Those who are committed to healthier lifestyles and an active fitness routine will achieve better results.