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Laser Treatment for Unwanted Veins

Vascular Reduction Laser

Don’t let unwanted spider or varicose veins damage your confidence. With the Rohrer Long Pulsed Yag Laser, Sculpt Aesthetics & Wellness can target and eliminate unattractive veins on the legs, face, and elsewhere. Visible veins do not have to be a permanent side effect of aging.

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Reclaim Your Skin with Laser Vein Therapy

Sitting or standing for long periods can result in unsightly and unwanted veins in your legs, feet, calves, and face. Hormonal changes, age, injuries, and pregnancy may also cause swollen and damaged blood vessels to emerge. Vascular reduction (also called laser vein therapy) uses a long-pulsed YAG laser to deliver heat energy to target and destroy unwanted vascular lesions for permanent results. This treatment is safe for all skin tones and capable of affecting only the vein while leaving surrounding skin unharmed. This primarily includes spider veins and varicose veins but can expand to treat port-wine stains, abnormal veins, angiofibromas, and abnormal arteries.

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Vascular Reduction FAQs

Once the treated vein has collapsed, it will not grow in the same place. Unfortunately, laser vein therapy cannot prevent additional unwanted veins from forming in the future. Poor circulation and certain lifestyles (sitting or standing for long periods each day) may result in new veins that can also be treated with laser vein therapy.

Our YAG laser system is purposefully designed to be safe for all skin tones. By using a longer wavelength of light, our laser vein removal system ensures safety in two distinct ways. First, longer wavelengths have a lower frequency, minimizing interactions with skin and other tissue. Also, longer wavelengths penetrate tissue at higher rates, meaning that the laser passes through the skin too quickly to cause unintended damage.

Laser vein treatments rely on powerful beams of focused light to dissolve and destroy unwanted vein walls. The procedure can cause sensations of heat or “snapping” on the skin. Depending on your level of comfort, a topical anesthetic may be applied. Some minor bruising and swelling can be expected after the procedure, but overall, it’s a comfortable experience for most.